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December 04, 2009



Thanks, Barbara. My point was less about the chamber or ridiculing someone's field than about completely dissing something he had no experience with or knowledge about.

S, yes it was rude. More importantly, I think he's scared. Such simple social technologies are impacting entire organizations.

The world has changed. Too bad he's not trying to figure things out to stay relevant. It's especially too bad for Key. Had it not been so painful to watch, I may have hung around. Poor Bob. Poor Key.

Thanks Barb & S for commenting!


Ouch Lynnelle that was just rude on their part. Quite observant that you mention the Good Old Boy network in this situation. I think many of them resent the Online Social Network “game” as they probably resent the traditional Good Old Boy games that took them so long to master. Contention between what they see as reality and a loud imposing “alternate reality.”

Barbara Hart

No comments? Hmmmm. So is it acceptable for chamber members to ridicule someone's field at a chamber meeting? I don't think so. As a very active member of the chamber and a former board member -- AND the one who introduced Lynnelle to "Bob". I'm pretty disappointed and sorry I left her to fend for herself. You tell it like it is, Lynnelle!

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